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What is S-Games? #

S-Games is embedded in the Senheng App that users can engage to earn rewards for free, fun and rewarding with S-coin!

How to play S-Games: Move The Block on Senheng App? #

Step 1: Let’s help the red block move out!
Step 2: Pressed and drag to move the blocks that is blocking.
Step 3: You will be rewarded with 3 stars if you passed the level with the best moves!
Step 4: Pay with gold(s) to unlock new level.

Pro Tips:

  1. Move the red block when necessary.
  2. Click “Skip” on difficult level if you got stucked.
  3. Collect gold when you complete daily task.
  4. Collect star when you complete missions.
  5. Collect gold in Piggy Bank when you’re out of gold(s).
  6. Play Lucky Wheel when you’re out of gold(s).
  7. Watch video ads for extra chance(s) for lucky wheel spin.
  8. Beat the level with the best moves to be rewarded with 3 stars!
  9. You may play again the level for free to be rewarded with 3 stars through the best moves if you only have 1 or 2 stars for the level.
  10. You may click “Reset” the level anytime without extra gold(s)!
  11. Click “Shop” to buy better skin for your blocks!
  12. Convert your Stars in Recharge for maximum of 30 S-Coins daily!

How to play S-Games: Crazy Farm on Senheng App? #

Step 1: Buy a baby chick to add vitality to farm!
Step 2: Tap to hatch & feed the chicken with their favourite food by tapping the floor.
Step 3: Choose a male & a female chicken for mate to see what kinds of chicken they can breed.
Step 4: Tap to sell your rustic chicken and you may rewarded with gold!
Step 5: Grow your battle chicken and enter fighting ring to challenge the others.

Pro Tips:

  1. Complete your daily checkin to be rewarded with gold.
  2. Complete daily achievements may earn diamonds.
  3. Collect gold in piggy bank if you’re out of gold to buy food.
  4. Upgrade chicken farm to feed more chickens at the same time.
  5. Upgrade hatch centre to increase your capacity.
  6. Upgrade piggy bank to increase your capacity.
  7. Collect all types of chicken by mating with different breed of chicken.
  8. Tap on the robot to clean the poops on the floor automatically.
  9. Chicken got ill easily if there are too many poops on the floor!
  10. Watch video ads to have extra chances for lucky spin.
  11. Visit your neighbour to help cleaning up their floor and you may collect their baby chick too.
  12. Merge with same kind of chicken to become stronger and defeat others in fighting ring.
  13. Login at meal time to collect special subsidy food.


  1. Tap speed up on your baby chick will cost diamond(s).
  2. Changing gender of your adult chicken may cost 2 diamonds.
  3. 3 lucky spin will be reset at 12am(midnight) everyday.

What is the function of Recharge? #

User(s) can convert Star(s) or Diamond(s) in Recharge for S-Coin(s).

What is the benefits of Star(s)? #

Star(s) can be convert into S-Coins.

Maximun star conversion is 90 stars per day.

What is the benefits of Diamond(s)? #

Diamond(s) can be convert into S-Coins.

Maximum diamond conversion is 60 Diamonds per day.

How much is the maximum conversion of S-Coin daily? #

Maximum conversion per day is 30 S-Coins which is either 90 stars or 60 Diamonds or any mixed up that reached 30 S-Coins conversion.

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