Mobile Online Commerce

S Ecosystem has the know-how to provide businesses with mobile online commerce solutions to reach a wider market.

S-Rewards Centre

Featuring 16 different product categories such as fashion, sports, health, beauty, groceries, fresh, and more; S-Rewards Centre is a rewarding marketplace with unbeatable S-Coin cashback!

S-Coin Redemption Centre

PlusOne member can redeem S-Coin up to 100%. More than 1000x attractive products from multiple categories available for redemption, from groceries to household essentials.


With S-Livestream, tune in to check out the latest products with exclusive offers presented to you LIVE! You can conveniently make your purchase on-the-spot plus earn S-Coin cashback.


SHRA E-Learning Platform is a collaborative effort between SH Retail Academy (MY) and Zillearn (SG) to raise working Malaysians to the next level in on-demand learning and future ready work skills. Access over 13,000 online courses at your convenience, learn anytime and anywhere with E-Learning.


Protect your travels and vehicles with AIG Insurance. Choose from a range of options including AIG Car Insurance and AIG Travel Insurance.


Looking for reliable and professional repairs for your home electronics? Senheng App Repairs is here.


Trained professional installation technicians + S-Coin cashback on every Installation job request. Only at Senheng App Installations!


Get your game on with S-Games. It's free, fun, and rewarding with S-Coin!

Mobile Reloads

Never run out of credit again because it has never been easier! Reload your mobile prepaids or game credits anytime anywhere while earning S-Coin cashback.

Game Reloads

Level up your gaming experience with Game Reloads. Top up your favourite games and earn S-Coin cashback!

Movies & Experiences

Whether it’s movie tickets, concerts, or theme parks; our all-in-one ticketing service offers a secure and fast booking experience. Check out the latest and hottest events in the Senheng App!

Bill Payments

From utility bills to postpaid bills, conveniently settle all kinds of bills with the Senheng App!


S Ecosystem has the knowledge to provide businesses with various CRM methods and tools to begin their customer data journey.

Advertisement Platform

Unleash the potential of platforms as a revenue generator with S Ecosystem.

O2O Commerce

S Ecosystem has the capability to provide businesses with O2O commerce solutions for a seamless shopping experience.