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Expertly crafted, the Senheng App offers a top-tier retail journey for its vast PlusOne community. Explore our detailed 16-pillar framework, enjoy exclusive S-Coin rewards, and discover a curated marketplace with our elite partners.

Senheng App

Did you know that you can now shop electrical appliances online through Senheng App? We bring the entire shopping experience right to your fingertips.

S-Rewards Centre

The S-Rewards Centre is a rewards centre where PlusOne members can purchase items and earn S-Coin Cashback from 16 different product categories.

S-Coin Redemption Centre

PlusOne members have the opportunity to redeem S-Coin up to 100% redemption on a wide range of products! Whether it’s groceries or household essentials, we’ve got you covered!

Maximize Your Savings with S-Coin

Explore our innovative S-Coin system, where each transaction contributes to your rewards. Accumulate and easily redeem your S-Coin for exclusive discounts, enhancing your savings effortlessly.

One-Stop Shopping & Rewards

Navigate through a diverse marketplace crafted for all your needs, ranging from daily essentials to mobile top-ups. Moreover, with each purchase, unlock a realm of appealing rewards and additional benefits.

Discover deals & Offers

Elevate your shopping experience with our exclusive discount vouchers and daily deals. Immerse yourself in a wealth of remarkable redemption rewards, guaranteeing value with every click.



Dive deep into the world of unique savings with our S-Coin system. From daily essentials to exclusive offers, enjoy unmatched rewards and discounts tailored just for you. Be it daily deals or mobile top-ups, there’s always more to explore, earn, and save.

Dive deep into our robust 16-pillar framework

Journey through the core foundations that drive the Senheng App, each pillar reinforcing our vision for a future-ready digital retail landscape.

Become a PlusOne® member

How to become a PlusOne® Member from Online?

Step 1
Sign up or log in to

Step 2
Purchase the PlusOne® Membership and Pay RM12.

Step 3
Start Enjoy Your PlusOne® Exclusive Privileges & Benefits.

How to become a PlusOne® Member in our outlets?

Step 1:
Walk into the nearest Senheng store.

Step 2:
Fill up P1 e-form

Step 3:
Present NRIC and pay member fee according to card type available to complete registration.

Step 4:
Download Senheng App to retrieve new PlusOne® Card.

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