Senheng App
with 16 pillars

Company Overview

Who is S Ecosystem?

Senheng outsources its CRM to S Ecosystem, establishing the commitment of S Ecosystem to develop the Senheng App.

The Senheng App consists of 16 pillars that incorporates the S-Coin reward system, S-Rewards Centre, S-Pay, S-Games, Repairs, Refurbished Goods, Home Fix, amongst others.

S Ecosystem utilizes Alibaba Cloud’s B2B2C retail technologies to streamline SENHENG business operations across both online and offline commerce channels and improving customer experience. 

Key Objectives

1. Enhance RFM
2. Increase new database
3. Increase sales revenue

What is Senheng App?

Senheng App is designed and built exclusively for the 3 million PlusOne members and counting. The app aims to provide an “All-in-One” vast range of services and offerings, delivered via in-house technology and through 3rd party integrations. PlusOne members enjoy all the convenience of the app while earning unbeatable rewards with S-Coin.

Through this platform, Senheng is expecting to improve PlusOne members return rate and brand loyalty. 

What is S-Coin?

The S-Coin is a reward system that PlusOne members earn when making transactions on a product or service in the Senheng App. The S-Coin can be redeemed at Senheng.


For every S-Coin that sellers/merchants reward the members, S Ecosystem will match it to double the total S-Coin earned.

What is S-Rewards Centre?

The most important pillar within the Senheng App is the S-Rewards Centre where PlusOne members can purchase items and earn S-Coin from various product categories such as consumer electronics, fresh consumables, FMCG, cosmetics, apparel, health, to name a few.


In order to ensure that the platform retain strong competitive advantages, the merchants in each product section of the S-Rewards Centre will be carefully screened through and must meet two key criteria before on-boarding into the platform: being top 10 in their respective industries and willing to give S-Coin rebates to Senheng PlusOne members.


No joining and transaction fees will be imposed on merchants.