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Mobile Reloads and Game Reloads

What will I receive after I have performed online purchase? #

Mobile Reloads is directed to phone number, Game Reloads will be given short code through SMS.

Are there any additional charges for Mobile Reloads or Game Reloads? #

There is no hidden charges for Mobile and Game Reloads, all pricing are transparent and final.

What is the daily transaction purchase limit? #

There’s no daily transaction purchase limit.

Do I have to perform any special settings to my handphone to use this service? #

No special settings required. This will be direct reloaded from telco to the phone number.

How do I perform Mobile Reloads using Senheng App? #

  • Download/login to Senheng App
  • Look for the Mobile & Game Reloads icon
  • Look for your Telco provider
  • Fill in your mobile prepaid details and select prepaid amount. For postpaid, fill in account number and amount to pay.
  • Click Pay Now

Is the Prepaid Reload automatically credited to mobile number? #

Yes, to the target mobile number

How do I know if the transaction is successful? #

From the platform, we will provide transaction status notification upon successful transaction. The telco batch updates credits, and may have lead time – eg. 15 minutes

How safe is it to use reload pillar from Senheng App? #

Since we are using e-Wallet and Paydee payment system, there is no personal or financial information being keyed in, no information is requested or saved online, hence reducing the threat of online fraud or any phishing attempts.

How long it takes to unbar my phone line after I’ve completed the mobile reload? #

Dependent on telco policy. Typically unbarred upon telco update of credit to phone number

How can I check my previous top up transaction? #

User can click on the time icon on the top right edge to view their previous transaction.

How do I store my favourite mobile number? #

We have yet to allow user to store favorite, but is in our pillar progress.

What if I had reloaded to a wrong handphone number? Can I cancel the transaction? #

No, due to the credit would be already reloaded to the phone number.

Will I be entitled for a refund if I receive the top-up code from the wrong service provider? #

If wrong mobile number, the telco will not pass the transaction.

What if the top up amount is not what I have requested for (e.g requested for RM10 but received instant reload or reload with PIN for RM5)? #

No, the credit would be already reloaded to the phone number.

Why is my mobile top up listed as pending? #

It may take a few minutes for the reload to process and the load to be reflected in your mobile prepaid balance.

What if I have made payment successfully, but have not receive my reloads after 15 mins? #

In this case, please contact our customer service and we will investigate for you.

If I have any enquiries, how do I keep in touch with customer service? #

There are many ways user can engage with our customer service, including, enquiring form, support button, WhatsApp, call in, Facebook messenger and email.

Who are the suppliers that provided the top up credit? #

Currently the platform service provider is Revenue Monster, while we have few top up credit supplier, including M1 and Razer, in order to provide better rates

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