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Our Key Pillars

Building a future-ready senheng app with 16 pillars

Dive into the standout features of our platform, each meticulously designed to enhance your user experience and offer unparalleled value.

Senheng Official Store

Did you know you can now shop for electrical appliances online with Senheng? We bring the shopping experience right to your fingertips.

S-Rewards Centre

The S-Rewards Centre is a rewards centre where members can purchase items and earn S-Coin from 16 different product categories.

S-Coin Redemption Centre

PlusOne member can redeem S-Coin up to 100%. More than 1000x attractive products from multiple categories available for redemption.


With Livestream, S Ecosystem has the ability and solution to engage KOL/KOC to conduct live sales programs.


Embedded in the Senheng App are games that users can engage to earn rewards and come back for more.


S-Coin is a reward system exclusively for SENHENG PlusOne members! You can earn S-Coin cashback from purchases on selected products