Mobile Online Commerce

S Ecosystem has the know-how to provide businesses with mobile online commerce solutions to reach a wider market such as app and web. We can assist through building the platforms and managing the solutions.

S-Rewards Centre

The S-Rewards Centre is a rewards centre where members can purchase items and earn S-Coin from 16 different product categories such as consumer electronics, fresh consumables, FMCG, cosmetics, apparel, health, to name a few. In order to ensure that the reliability and quality, the merchants in each product section of the S-Rewards Centre must being top 10 in their respective industries.

S-Coin Redemption Centre

PlusOne member can redeem S-Coin up to 100%. More than 1000x attractive products from multiple categories available for redemption, from groceries to household essentials.


With Livestream, S Ecosystem has the ability and solution to engage KOL/KOC to conduct live sales programs.


SHRA E-Learning Platform is a collaborative effort between SH Retail Academy (MY) and Zillearn (SG) to raise working Malaysians to the next level in on-demand learning and future ready work skills. Access over 13,000 online courses at your convenience, learn anytime and anywhere with E-Learning.


Protect your travels and vehicles with AIG Insurance. Choose from a range of options including AIG Car Insurance and AIG Travel Insurance.


Request for a repair service conveniently anytime anywhere with Senheng App Repairs. Be assured that your home electronics will be inspected and repaired by reliable professionals with original quality parts.


Whether it’s an air conditioner or a washing machine, TV or water heater, make sure you leave it to the pros! Peace of mind is the most important when it comes to safe home electronics installation. Added bonus - earn S-Coin cashback that you can redeem at any Senheng/senQ nationwide!


Embedded in the Senheng App are games that users can engage to earn rewards and come back for more.

Mobile Reloads

Reload mobile prepaids or online game credits securely with the Senheng App. PlusOne members earn up to 10% S-Coin cashback with every reload in a 24/7 one-stop reload centre for mobile and games, securely and conveniently.

Game Reloads

Delay no more on your games with Game Reloads! Purchase game credits instantly and earn up to 5.5% S-Coin cashback.

Movies & Experiences

PlusOne members can purchase a wide variety of tickets in our ticketing platform such as movies, live events, theme parks, etc. All purchases are done seamlessly and securely.

Bill Payments

From utilities to postpaid, PlusOne members can settle all kinds of bill payments with the Senheng App.


S Ecosystem has CRM tools and solution to allow businesses to build better relationships with customers by providing a complete picture of customer interactions, keeping track of your sales and records, organising and prioritising your opportunities and facilitating collaboration between various stakeholders.

Advertisement Platform

Unleash the potential of platforms as a revenue generator with S Ecosystem. By measuring and knowing traffic numbers, every platform space can be monetised.

O2O Commerce

S Ecosystem has the capability to provide businesses with O2O commerce solutions for a seamless shopping experience, integrating offline touchpoints with online.