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Referral Program

Refer Senheng App & Earn Money!

Rejoice fellow partners! Now you can refer Senheng App to your friends, families and all your connections to earn money! You earn money, they earn 1000 S-Coin. Win-Win for everyone!

How much you’ll earn



Sales Partner
RM 3
Trainee Partner Express
RM 3
Trainee Partner
RM 3
RM 3
Trainee Cashier
RM 3
Team Manager Management
RM 3
Team Manager Sales
RM 3
Trainee Team Manager
RM 3
Assistant Team Manager
RM 3
Category Manager Sales
RM 3
Category Manager Management
RM 3
Assistant Category Manager
RM 3
Sales Lead
RM 3
From Dec 23 – June 24, the incentive will be RM3 for everyone.

Steps to start earning


Get your referral code.

(Referral Code = Staff Code)


Ask your friends and families or any walk-ins to download the Senheng App and key in your referral code.

There are 3 ways where you can get the user to input the referral code


(when you first sign up for an account on the Senheng App.)


(if didn’t key in the code during registration)


(if didn’t key in code during registration)


After successfully submitting the referral code, your incentive will be credited to your pay slip, though not immediately.

Still unsure? Please check this link for the full user journey


View here

Frequently asked questions

Program Policy (For Partners)

  1. A successful referral occurs when a new P1 downloads, registers a new account, and inputs the referral code.
  2. Newly signup P1 including Basic / eBasic / Add-On / any Paid P1.
  3. Any P1 that registered before 21st November 2023 is not counted for the incentive.
  4. If an existing P1 member creates a new account, it doesn’t count as a referral.
    Note: The system already automatically assigns a referral code to the existing/original P1 account.
  5. 1 customer only can have 1 referral code regardless of their P1 membership type.
  6. Resigned partner will lose his/her referral code and user will be assigned a default referral code SH0000.
  7. The referral code must be entered accurately on the referral page, and once entered incorrectly, it cannot be reversed or re-entered.
  8. Referral code cannot be transferred to another partner by any means.
  9. Partners are entitled RM3 for each successful new SH APP user referred.
  10. The Company reserves all the rights to review, amend, supplement, modify or terminate the incentive at any time.

Terms and Conditions (For PlusOne Member)

  1. All newly registered PlusOne members from 21st November 2023 onwards are entitled to an S-Coin e-Certificate worth 1,000 S-Coin upon their first login to the Senheng App.
  2. The e-Certificate is valid for 1 year from the date of registration.
  3. To have the 1,000 S-Coin credited to their account, PlusOne member must visit any Senheng/senQ showroom within 24 hours after completing their membership registration.
  4. Once the 1,000 S-Coin are credited to a member’s account, they are subject to the terms and conditions governing the use of S-Coin.
  5. Each eligible PlusOne member is entitled to only one (1) S-Coin e-Certificate during the Campaign Period, irrespective of the number of accounts they own.
  6. Each PlusOne member is entitled to one-time use of the S-Coin e-Certificate only.
  7. In cases where multiple accounts are created under the same NRIC, the 1,000 S-Coin points from the e-Certificate shall not be merged and will be forfeited.
  8. The e-Certificate for 1,000 S-Coin is exclusively for eligible new PlusOne members and cannot be transferred by any means.
  9. The e-Certificate for 1,000 S-Coin is not convertible to cash or any other form of payment.
  10. S Ecosystem (M) Sdn Bhd reserves the right to modify or amend any of these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

Need Assistance?

For any questions or assistance, contact our dedicated Referral Program support team at .